Frequently Asked Questions

You should choose a janitorial service provider based on what you value. If you value price you should make the companies you are choosing from aware of that fact and you can be assured of receiving the lowest price. If you are looking for consistency, reliability and high quality service you should search for a company that has the management team, processes and infrastructure to provide that. Constancy, reliability and quality don’t have to cost a lot more but they are not likely to be found with the lowest price provider either. Supervision, service and infrastructure do have a cost. You have to trade the desire to get the absolute lowest price with the desire for having the best quality service. A really good company can provide these things at a competitive price.
It depends on what you want to have done. The largest component of cost in janitorial services is the cost of labor. The cost of service that you will receive is based on how many labor hours it takes to do your work. You can be sure that a lower price will almost certainly translate into a lower amount of time cleaning and thus results that are lower than expectations. We seek to offer premium services and great customer service for a reasonable price. Most people who have experienced a “low price contractor” appreciate how much extra service we provide for a very competitive price.
Start Fresh supplies all labor, cleaning chemicals, and cleaning equipment to maintain your facility. The products you will need to purchase are paper products for refilling restrooms, hand soap, and trash liners for trash cans. These items can be purchased through Start Fresh or a separate vendor. Our staff is trained to monitor supply levels and inform you when an order needs to be placed. In addition to essential paper products, soap, and trash liners, Start Fresh offers thousands of facility products to purchase at outstanding prices.
Premium services, like SaniGLAZE Tile and Grout Restoration and ROTOVAC carpet service, as well as many other services can be purchased two ways. We can build the service into the monthly contract rate which will spread the cost through the year or we can also bill you for these services as an “add-on” separate from your janitorial service.
No. Most providers try to lock you in to a long term contract. Start Fresh provides service on a month to month basis. This means that we have to earn your business every month.
Contact us and we will be glad to help guide you through the process and provide you with a proposal for services.
Due to its porous nature, tile and grout, unlike other surfaces in your facility, are not maintainable. The SaniGLAZE process restores tile and grout to a “like new” appearance and produces a new surface integrity that is easily maintainable, long term.
SaniGLAZE® is much more than a tile and grout cleaning procedure. This revolutionary multi-step restoration process extracts embedded contamination from within the tile and grout, glazes the grout with a non-porous coating, and shields the entire surface from direct contact with dirty mop water, urine, and other contaminants. With SaniGLAZE®, dirt and contaminants stay on the surface where they are easily removed instead of penetrating the tile and grout. Typical tile and grout cleaners don’t come close to the multi-step, proprietary SaniGLAZE process.
SaniGLAZE® prevents bacteria, mold, and other contaminants from penetrating the tile & grout, thus preventing odors from developing below the surface. Any superficial odors are easily controlled with regular mopping and disinfecting.
The initial tile and grout restoration is permanent. SaniGLAZE® does require an inexpensive preventive maintenance program to periodically rejuvenate the protective shield.
SaniGLAZE® is guaranteed as long as the customer subscribes to the preventive maintenance program.
Yes, SaniGLAZE® comes in a wide variety of designer colors.
Most restoration jobs are completed overnight, and are immediately ready for foot traffic the next morning.
Generally not. SaniGLAZE® is installed either at night or at times when your business is closed. There are no construction headaches, mess, or resulting debris.
The cost depends on the size and difficulty factors of the job. Your dealer will do a small test area on the tile & grout to determine what the cost will be.
Yes, we will be happy to perform a demonstration so that you can see just how good it is going to look.
No. SaniGLAZE® actually improves the coefficient of friction on both wet and dry surfaces, producing a safer floor.