Janitorial Services Los Angeles


Janitorial Services Los Angeles

As everyone knows, these days it is all about image. Interviewees entering the building for the first time, prospective business partners, clients and general visitors will judge your business on the way it looks so impress them with an immaculately maintained clean office building as this first impression will have an impact. During the day-to-day running of business, it is difficult to also have to deal with the maintenance of your building. Let Start Fresh janitorial services, based in Los Angeles, take care of that for you.

Start Fresh janitorial services in Los Angeles will maintain your building using the most advanced technology available as we have acquired several proprietary cleaning systems. Not only do we believe in good cleaning service, but also in providing that service affordably and in a customer-friendly manner.

It is worth it to choose an effective and customer-oriented janitorial service to prevent ending up with both poor cleaning services as well as poor customer service to add unnecessary stress. Start Fresh janitorial services allow you to concentrate on running your business more effectively.

Start Fresh Services provides general office cleaning and maintenance services. This janitorial service is customized to suit you in terms of the regularity as you can choose to have it every day or weekly. Your facility will be reviewed to ensure that you are receiving the best service.

Janitorial supplies are also included in the service as part of a line produced by Start Fresh to maintain your facility. In the interests of the environment we also have Green Cleaning products. Window cleaning up to three stories high is yet another service provided to enhance the look of your facility. Often clients will judge a business on its restroom facilities as this is connected to health and well-being. We also do cleaning of restrooms and keep them disinfected and uncontaminated. A special cleaning service for functions is also offered.

Not only is the inside taken care of, but the outside as well. Start Fresh Services extend to the exterior with cleaning of parking lots, power washing of pavements and other janitorial services. Dayporters can be outsourced from us without the stresses of having to deal with insurance, payroll and so on, as we do that for you too.

Start Fresh makes use of cleaning systems to further improve your building. SaniGLAZE is the only process that will keep grout floors and porous tiles looking new, and will save you the money for retiling the floors. Another is ROTOVAC carpet care to keep your carpets looking and staying cleaner for longer.

Start Fresh is cost effective as we provide reliable, high-quality service at a competitive price. As you have read, Start Fresh would be a welcome and needed addition to the running of your business. Ask yourself how your business’ image can be improved and you will realize that Start Fresh Services is the solution to your Los Angeles business’ janitorial needs. All these services are available from just one company – Start Fresh Services.

If you want to see how Start Fresh janitorial services in Los Angeles can enhance your particular business, contact us on (866) 698-5753 for a free service assessment and you will be convinced that you need the services of a superior facility maintenance company.

  • 14 Apr, 2014
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